An Owl Near My House

Last week my father, my sister and I went to buy fried banana.

Then we saw an owl nearby.

We walked straight to the owl to take a closer look mrgreen

In Bahasa Malaysia owl is ‘burung hantu’.

‘Burung’ means bird and ‘hantu’ means ghost.

So ‘burung hantu’ means ‘ghost bird’ 🙂

It sounds scary…

Anyway owl does not looked like a ghost at all 🙂

In fact I think owl is cute.

Owl has a heart shaped face.

So it’s owner called owls ‘burung love’ instead of ‘burung hantu’.

By the way that owl looks like its owner 🙂

Owl cannot see in daylight 😐

So owl is only active at night.

I hope I can meet the owl again.

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