Light In The Night

9 02 2010

Light In The Night

We are searching for a light,

In the night,

But somebody saw a star,

From the car.

Last Saturday night we had dinner at ‘Ayam Penyet’ Restaurant in Wangsa Walk with Aunty Selina.

On the way home we were looking at the full moon.

Suddenly I got an idea to write this poem 🙂

I told Uncle Awang Goneng about this when he came for tea at my house 😉

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8 05 2012
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3 03 2010

Hello Ahmad Ali Karim,

This is Auntie Mekyam. I followed your link at Awang Goneng’s blog.

I think your poem is very beautiful. I can imagine a wonderful story from these four short lines. I love it.

The unit of every sound in a poem is called a metre. For example, “we” is one unit of sound or one metre. Then “are” is another metre, but “searching” has two metres.

If you count the units of sounds in all the words of this poem, there are 20 altogether. The two rhyming lines are exactly 10 units or metres each. That is very clever indeed! 😀


3 03 2010

Dear Auntie Mekyam,
Thank you for saying that my poem is beautiful. I love to write poems and I hope to learn to write longer ones. And thank you for teaching me about metre.
Please visit my blog again 😀


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