Michael Jackson’s Earth Song

The ‘Earth Song’ is about the bad things some people did to the Earth.

I love the song very much because it tells us to stop destroying our Earth.

People cut down trees, killed wild animals, start forest fire and war.

The video clip shows in the rain forest of Amazon, South America people are cutting down trees.

The rain forest was beautiful before they cut down trees.

But after people cut down the trees there is no more beautiful green trees.

The video clip also shows the war in Croatia.

I can see houses that were destroyed by bomb and no green trees.

The place was so green and beautiful before the war.

Now there are war in Palestine and Afghanistan.

I saw dead elephant in Tanzania, Africa.

People killed the elephants because they want the elephants’ tasks.

Other wild animals such as zebra, giraffes, sea lions and dolphins are also in danger.

Forest fire burn the trees, animals and humans.

In the video clip Micheal Jackson was not burnt because it was not a real forest fire 🙂

We have to save our Earth from disasters.

Michael Jackson singing ‘Earth Song’

We have to stop the war, stop the fire, stop killing wild animals and stop cutting down the trees.

Bulldozer cutting down the trees

We have to save the Earth.

I think I will write a song entitled ‘Stop Destroying Our Earth’.


Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

28 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Earth Song”

  1. maybe At the end of the day, mother Nature is just a bitch kickin’ back So these natural disasters are her response to man’s creulty but leaders will say we need to develop And develop fast And oops theres goes a another tree And here comes some more smoke as we All want to get more, cause so many believe the more you have the happier you Are, Then to get more, more has to be made And its so disposable too. Everything is made to break. So you buy again lol No hungry person would sit in the shade of a tree if he was paid to cut down that tree so he could buy some food.


    1. Dear geckster,
      Thank you. You are right. We have to stop destroying our Earth. We must stop cutting down trees. We should stop buying things that we don’t really need. Buy toys that last for a long time like Lego bricks 🙂 Very cheap toys usually break easily and may have dangerous chemicals.
      My big sister likes to make new things from used boxes. We use used bottles as vases and used glass jars to store food.


  2. one thing for sure whatever the politicians did plan, have planned or going to plan ain’t going to help, perhaps even created….its difficult for people not to want leaders to tell everything is alright, listten to us, do as we say


  3. its a step in the right direction And everybody knows but its such a complex situation – the inequality in quality of life but we need people like you who believe it can get better because many think it can’t. Don’t let world problems destroy your own happiness though. You’ll go mad that way lol


  4. Dear Ali,

    Pak Samad (A. Samad Said) had written a poem about the bad things happening on Earth…

    The Dead Crow

    He saw a dead crow
    in a drain
    near the post office.

    He saw an old man
    gasping for air
    and a baby barely able to breathe
    in a crowded clinic.

    The land is so rich.
    Why should we suffer like this?

    I want clean air
    for my children.

    I want the damned fools
    to leave the forest alone.
    I want trees to grow,
    the rivers run free,
    and the earth covered with grass

    Let the politicians plan
    how we may live with dignity
    now and always.

    What do you think about this poem?


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