Partial Lunar Eclipse

1 01 2010

Lunar means moon.

There was a partial lunar eclipse early this morning.

Lunar eclipse happens when the Earth block the Moon from the Sun.

It happens when the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are in straight line or  almost; with the Earth in the middle.

Partial Lunar eclipse happens when only a part of the moon is blocked by the Earth.

If the whole Moon is blocked by the Earth, a total lunar eclipse happens.

This is a picture that I made using the Microsoft PowerPoint to show how lunar eclipse happens.

This lunar eclipse was very special because it happens on the first day of the new year and at the same time with the blue moon!

I watched the blue moon but I could not see the eclipse.

I went out side at 1:41 am and again at 2:00 am but I only saw the full moon in the sky.

I think I’ll to watch another lunar eclipse.




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11 11 2010

that was very good info thx


24 05 2010
abdul basith

dear all,
i am a new subscriber to this site..

i need some p.p. presentation of eclipses, can any one plz send me education related pp presentation to this id;


28 05 2010

Dear Bro Abdul Basith,
Thank you. InsyaAllah I’ll try to help.


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