Plea For Survival

The world is getting hotter and hotter.

Ice melt on the mountains.

The ice at the North Pole and South Pole are melting.

Ice Melting in North Pole

The sea level rises up.

The houses by beach hit by the wave and flooded.

I read that some islands are sinking.

Island Sinking

Some places in Alaska are also sinking.

Some part of Kenya are having a bad drought.

When there is no water animals and plants were dead.

There will be no food for the people and they will die too.

This is a disaster.

We must stop it!

We must heal the world and make it a better place.

Now there is a United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark and I hope they can find ways to heal the world so that I can go to Sudan.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

22 thoughts on “Plea For Survival”

  1. Global warming is a scam, and an easily proveable one at that. Don’t spend your life in unneccesary fear. Wake up, open your eyes. Beware the NWO and of their deceptions. You are only helping to destroy the world by believing this lie. My house is on the coast, I have watched the sea there for the last 40 years and it hasn’t moved an inch (maybe I have magic sea near my house). It’s all about your enslavement.


  2. Thanks Ahmad for giving the privilege to share some thoughts.
    Yes there are so many ways to have a conducive environment. This time we have to face first on how we can share our part to resolve the issue of global warming. We are all affected on this and no such living thing is excempted. I won’t say that we need to adapt this changes, rather, we have to act right now. If we think of adaptation, it’s just means that there’s no way we can solve this problem. And man have to suffer more when it will get worst in the near future.

    Some people may consider that, you can do nothing when nature calls. Yes it is true for some aspects. You can do nothing about floods, landslides just to name a few. But nature has change according to what we have done to it long time ago. There are reasons why those things happened to some part of the world.

    Now, lets us put aside to whom we point our fingers. Blaming won’t solve the issue and it will just make it worst. Let us commit ourselves to impart whatever smallest thing we think could somewhat rehabilate the environment. It will all start from everyone of us.


    1. Dear Nuje,
      Yes, you are right. We have to do our parts to save the earth and to stop global warming. Flood in southern USA killed 29 people and the oil spill polluted the sea and can kill animals around the area.
      Cutting down trees make flood worse and cause landslides. Littering and throwing rubbish around also cause flash flood. Human do bad things that make natural disasters even worse. Yes, small steps to heal the earth means a lot and after sometimes we can take bigger steps. But everybody has to understand this and stop destroying the earth before more disaster happens.


  3. Hi Ahmad,

    Yes you are right, less factories. Or maybe enhance the way factory process their product that might relate to waste management system. Factories change a lot to our civilization and ways of living. What I hope is that we people discipline our self the way we want to live, our desire, and the like. Because business will just look upon our needs and then they create lots of things that enlighten us. And factories has a great part of it.


    1. Dear Nuje,
      Yes, you are right. We need to stop buying too much things so that there won’t be too much industrial waste from the factories. And the government must make sure that all factories have good waste management system. Thank you for teaching me more about environment. Please write more about environment.


  4. Way to go Ahmad. I am interested also to share some thoughts regarding global warming. This everybody’s business because we are all affected on this issue. Everybody should act now. Just like Denmark, they are all concerned regarding their evironment. They are successful on their renewable energy. Less dependent to fossil fuel.

    But anyway, I will wait your post so we can exchange a lot.




  5. Hi Ahmad,

    Yes it would be awkward if those buildings won’t be replaced better than it its sentimental value.

    By the way, I am interested to talk more about the topic of this thread. How about suggesting ideas on how to stop global warming. Let us start how to rehabilatate our environment. Can you suggest a particular one?


    1. Dear Nuje,
      I love this topic. I think I’m going to write a post about it. May be I’ll write this afternoon or tomorrow after I finish my mathematics exercises 🙂 The internet line was down in our area for 2 days and the line is very slow today. Thank you for writing.


  6. I think Denmark has started it already for some rehabilitation specifically with their environment as we have observed they’re more particular for clean sorroundings. I think it’s just some political issues that they don’t want Denmark to be on top of the plan. Because if it will agreed to all leaders, Denmark well boom on its green economy. Does it make sense?


    1. Dear Nuje,
      It is nice to know that Denmark has taken steps to heal the environment. Not all politicians cares about environment.
      Some do not care about heritage. In my parent’s hometown the state government demolished lots of beautiful and historical heritage buildings, historical palaces and landmarks.
      The latest was a row of more than a hundred years old building that are still strong and beautiful-The Heritage Buildings In Kuala Terengganu Is Now Gone.


      1. ahmadalikarim,

        You have my sympathy. I agree with you regarding politicians at heart but maybe not all since Denmark has politicians also. When government demolished a building they should be at least build a better one to replace its value. If not, it’s a disgrace of moral value too. No one like to be left behind from others, but advancement is good if it won’t kill our self. Just like industrialization. Ther are always pros and cons on it.
        By they way what was being replaced to the beautiful places you said was demolish by your government?


      2. Dear Junetano,
        My parents took me to historic places where old, historic building are the tourist attraction. We can learn a lot about history and those buildings are beautiful too after being painted with new colours.
        But when a government demolished historical buildings of more than 100 years old that are still strong and still being used as shop lots-nothing can replace them. The worst is there are still empty land around the buildings and also buildings in bad shape around. They should build on those lands.
        We keep historical shop lots in the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Malacca. New buildings are built around them or in the other parts of the cities. But in Terengganu, most of the historical buildings are all gone. There was a beautiful clock tower but I can only see its photo because it was demolished long before I was born.


  7. I am so glad that as a child you are also sensitive to the health of our world. We, everyone of us, not any government or NGOs, are responsible to make EARTH livable forever. We are given the mandate by Allah to look after EARTH’s equilibrium.


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