Age Of Empires 3

Age Of Empires 3 is a Microsoft Games Studios game.

I call Age Of Empires 3 (Perang  Number 3).

The game is about the New World.

The New World is now known as Americas.

I like to play this  game because is more fun then The Conquerors.

For example, the game is faster then The Conquerors.

I want to invent a game and name it The Old Old Time.

The army’s of Age Of Empires 3 are:

  1. Musketeer
  2. Rodelero
  3. Uhlans
  4. War Wagon
  5. Pikeman
  6. Strelets
  7. Abus Gun
  8. Priest
  9. Imam
  10. Grenadier
  11. Cavalry Archer
  12. Cossack
  13. Cuirassier
  14. Dragoon
  15. Hussar
  16. Lancer
  17. Oprichnik
  18. Ruyter
  19. Spahi
  20. Cassador
  21. Crossbowman
  22. Doppelsodner
  23. Halberdier
  24. Janissary
  25. Longbowman
  26. Minuteman
  27. Skirmisher
  28. Baybary Corsair
  29. Hackapell
  30. Highlander
  31. Jaeger
  32. Landsknecht
  33. Mameluke
  34. Manchu
  35. Ronin
  36. Priveteer
  37. Stradiot
  38. Swiss Pikeman
  39. War Dog

My most favourite army is Rodelero.

Rodelero AOE3

The army’s of The Old Old Time are:

  1. Alien
  2. Giant
  3. War Elephants
  4. Paladin
  5. King & Queen
  6. Explorer & Explorer’s horse
  7. Halberdier
  8. Pikeman
  9. Janissary
  10. Mameluke
  11. Cavalry Archer
  12. Skirmisher
  13. Hunting Wolf
  14. Hussar
  15. Eagle Warrior
  16. Knight
  17. Longbowman
  18. Musketeer
  19. Mangudai
  20. Samurai
  21. Woodthrower
  22. Mango Warriors
  23. Hoopthrower
  24. Highlander

The Old Old Time is about the king and queen of CHAMPS.

The Old Old Time Logo

Anyway we have to remember that war is bad and it is a disaster.

War can destroy our earth and kill many people, animals and plants.


40th Anniversary Of Sesame Street

Today is the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street.


Sesame Street started on 10/11/1969.

I love to watch Sesame Street.

I did not know that the show had started so long ago.

I knew about the anniversary when I saw Cookie Monster’s on Google on 5/11/2009.

At first I thought that the anniversary was on 5/11/2009 but when I checked the Wikipedia it says that the show started on 5/11/1969. I forgot I had written before here


Anyway I think that the picture of Cookie Monster on Google was so cute 😀

Happy 40th Anniversary To Sesame Street!

Do you know that Cookie Monster loves cookies very much?

Well, I think that Cookie Monster loves cookies too much!


The Nicest Rainbow I Saw In KL

On Sunday 31/10/09  I saw a very, very very, very nice rainbow in Keramat.


The colours of the rainbow are:

  1. violet

  2. indigo

  3. blue

  4. green

  5. yellow

  6. orange

  7. red

We can usually see a rainbow after it rains on a sunny day.

This rainbow was very nice because the colours were so clear and shiny :)

I was very lucky to see the special rainbow.


People say that at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold.

Do you know why a rainbow is called rainbow?

It is because the rain means it appear from rain and bow means its shape is like a bow.

You can see a lot of rainbows at the Niagara Falls.

I think I want to go to the Niagara Falls again.

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