Khalifah Institute Dinner and Talk

On 25/7/09 2 Syaaban 1430 I went to  Khalifah Institute Dinner and Talk at Grand Ballroom, Flamingo Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Ali and Bro. Idris Tawfiq

Bro Idris Tawfiq give a talk entitled From the Vatican to Al-Azhar. Bro Tawfiq is a British Muslim writer who now lives in Egypt.

He was a Roman Catholic priest for 20 years.

For many years he was Head of Religious Studies in different schools in England and Wales.

There were lots of people at the Flamingo Hotel.

I reached home at 1:00 AM.

My father’s car broke down and we have to walk back home.

I slept at 2:30 AM.

I think there are going to be more ‘Dinner and Talk’ in the future.

My Picture In The Newspapers

Yesterday there was a picture of my mother, sisters and me in The Star and Utusan Malaysia.

Solar Eclipse - The Star 23July09

The pictures were taken at the beach near the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque, Kuala Terengganu.

We went there to watch the solar eclipse on the 22nd of July 2009.

There were a lot of people from the newspapers.

They took lots of photos and asked me questions.

I don’t  know that they want to put my picture in the newspaper.

So when my father showed me the pictures in the newspapers, I was really surprised!

And I was very, very  happy 🙂

I called my grandmother and she told me that she saw my picture in the Star in Malaysia Hari Ini or MHI.

I read a story about me and my blog in the Utusan Malaysia!

I also saw the articles and photos in the Utusan Malaysia and the Star Online.

Thank you for writing about me.

HELP Save My Grandmother’s Shop!

Help save the historical heritage row

Update (16 Jan 2010):

Read the latest here:

Earth-Trembling Barbarism at by Uncle Awang Goneng.

Please read here for more news:

Solar Eclipse July 2009

A total solar eclipse can be seen in some places in India, China and Japan.

Solar means sun.

In Malaysia we can only see a partial solar eclipse.

This morning we saw the solar eclipse at the Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque, Kuala Terengganu.


I cannot see anything from the telescope but later we saw the solar eclipse from the TV.22072009(026)


The cloud was too thick so we cannot see the solar eclipse clearly.

Anyway we cannot stay long because we have to drive back to Kuala Lumpur.

Help Save My Grandmother Shop


Please save my grandmother’s bookshop!

The bookshop’s name is Alam Akademik Sdn Bhd.

Alam Akademik  Sdn Bhd is the oldest bookshop in Terengganu.

The bookshop has been at the same location for a hundred years!

Yesterday they sent a letter telling my grandmother to move away in 30 days from July 13 2009.

The Terengganu government is going to demolish the whole historic building!

It is going to be another disaster!

Terengganu had lost a lot of historic buildings and landmark.

And they are going to demolish another historic building.

From old photo during flooding. X - already demolished. Arrow - going to demolish
From old photo during flooding. X - already demolished. Arrow - going to demolish

My grandmother is very sad.

And I am very sad too ……

So please, please help save my grandmother’s bookshop!

If I can go to the United Nations meeting, I am going to tell the world to save all the historic buildings and landmarks!

front road
Old and historic - more 100 years old

Enjoying English At SMK Sultan Mansor (SMKSM)

Last Thursday I went to SMKSM for Enjoying English program.

SMKSM means Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Mansor.

I read the Swine Flu article from my blog.

Now swine flu is known as Influenza A (H1N1).


I met my father’s friend, Teacher Yasmin at the school.

Teacher Yasmin was my father’s schoolmate.

They used to study in Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School.

Now Teacher Yasmin is an English teacher at SMKSM.

I always enjoyed participating in the program because I like giving speeches.

Before we end the program my sisters and I sang the Khalifah song and Guantanamera.


After the program I ate a delicious mee hoon soup.

Now I Can See My Pictures in My Blog

Today I can see all my pictures in my blog.

I can see because my father bought a new notebook Dell XPS.

With abah's New notebook
With abah's New notebook

I don’t know why I cannot see the pictures in my father’s old notebook but now I am happy because I can see it again. I think I can put more pictures in my blog.


Before I cannot see my pictures:

Where Is Michael Jackson’s Grave ?

Is Michael Jackson’s grave really in Forest Lawn Memorial Park ?

Was Michael Jackson in the casket during his memorial at the Staples Center ?

Will Michael Jackson be bury in the Neverland Ranch ?

May Allah help him.

I wish I know the answers to the questions.

Michael Jackson’s Burial Place Still Unknown

July 07, 2009
Bridget Daly
Michael Jackson

The final resting place for Michael Jackson is still unknown at this time. After his memorial at Staples Center, Jackson’s casket, adorned with red roses, was taken to an ambulance, which was accompanied by a Hummer. But the destination is unknown at this point.

The Jackson family went to the Beverly Wilshire after the memorial, since going back to their Encino home was probably out of the question with the amount of fans who have gathered there.

LAPD said today that there won’t be a motorcade back to Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where the private funeral was held earlier today.

There has been speculation that Neverland Ranch is in the running as Michael’s final resting place. But William Boyer, communications director for Santa Barbara County, “We have not been contacted by the Jackson family or any of their representatives about a burial or a funeral service at the Neverland Ranch.”

“Because this would be on private property they would actually have to go to the state department of consumer affairs. We would know about it because part of the permitting process is the state goes through a checklist of things they would need to do…local jurisdiction would have to be asked. We have not received any contact from the state.”

Michael Jackson will not be buried until scientists have finished doing tests on his brain.
Where do you think Michael Jackson should be buried? At Forest Lawn amongst so many other late celebrities, or at his former home Neverland?

Jacko’s family have delayed the funeral so medical experts who are trying to pinpoint what killed him can continue their examination.

Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said yesterday: “As soon as we are done with the brain, we will return it. There is a whole series of tests that will be done.

“The last I heard, they are not burying the body yet.”

The tests could show whether Jacko had a fatal drug overdose – and if he had a history of drug problems.

Michael Jackson’s family silent on burial plans

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – More than 31 million Americans watched Michael Jackson‘s public memorial on television, but mystery surrounded the whereabouts of his body on Wednesday and plans for his burial.

A day after Jackson’s casket was taken to a Los Angeles basketball arena for an emotional memorial for fans, friends and his family, attention returned to how Jackson got his hands on powerful prescription drugs reportedly found in his rented mansion after his sudden death on June 25.

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