Deadly Ice and Snow Storm Cut Swath Across US

There is a very bad ice and snow storm across the United States.

At least 17 people died in the Midwest.

Trees fell on power lines so there is no electricity in lots and lots and lots of houses.

Some school are closed because it is dark and too much snow so people cannot go out side.

There are lots of accident because the roads are too slippery.

Winter StormIt is hard to walk out side because it is icy and too slippery.

Winter Storm
Winter Storm

Anyway the ice on the trees look so beautiful.

Winter Weather
Winter Weather

There is lots of snow in Ohio and I think there is a lot of snow outside  Uncle Arif’s house in Columbus.

APTOPIX Winter Weather

APTOPIX Winter Weather

CHICAGO (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of people were left shivering in the dark after a massive ice and snow storm cut a swath across the United States Wednesday, knocking down power lines, snarling traffic, grounding flights and forcing schools to close.

Freezing rain on the southern end of the storm covered trees and bridges with brilliant ice crystals but made roads incredibly slick and dangerous from Texas to Pennsylvania.

At least a dozen deaths were reported.

The northern side of the snow dumped as much as a foot (30 centimeters) of snow in some areas of Ohio and the US east coast.

And with a cold front moving in behind the storm it could be days before the ice melts and weeks before all the damage is repaired, officials warned.

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