My Ambition

19 01 2009

My ambition is to be a politician. First I want to win an election. I’ll win the election when lots and lots and lots of people vote for me.


PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

I want to be a politician because I want to help other people. I want to give speeches at PWTC. PWTC is Putra World Trade Centre. I want to speak at the United Nations meetings. I also like to meet lots and lots of people.

United Naitions Geneva

United Nations, Geneva

I have to study hard because I want to be a smart politician. I want to go to lots of important meetings. I want to make the world clean so that there won’t be too much floods, landslide and other disasters. I want the world to be peaceful and no more wars like the war in Palestine. War is a disaster. Lots of people die. Lots of houses destroyed and the place will be  full of trash and it can cause a flood. Animals and plants will die too. So we can’t eat meat,vegetables and fruits.

My grandfather Ahmad Omar was a politician in Terengganu.  He won the election. He worked at the United Nations in Geneva long time ago. My grandfather’s uncle  Dato’ Amar was the first Terengganu’s Chief Minister.



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1 12 2010

thanks for this information – برامج – برامج التحميل


21 12 2010

Dear JeryDypebetly,
Please visit my blog again.


9 10 2010
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14 06 2009

I am impressed by your ambition. The reason why you become a politician is quite right, especially to help other people. I visited United Nations today and saw your blog.
I wish I could make friends with you ^^
I live in Seoul, Korea and work for ISO near UN in Geneva, Switzerland.


17 06 2009

Dear Channy,
Thanks. My grandfather worked in Geneva long, long ago and I hope to visit the United Nations office in Geneva and to work for the UN when I grow up. You really saw my blog at the United Nations?
Please visit my blog again.


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