Fifi and The Flower Tots

14 01 2009


Fifi And The Flower Tots

I like to watch Fifi and The Flower Tots.

Fifi has an organic garden.

Fifi does not use chemicals in her garden.

Bumble is Fifi’s best friend.

Bumble likes to make sweet honey.

Fifi’s other friends are Violet, Primrose, Pip, Aunt Tulip, Grubby, Stingo, Slugsy and Webby.

Fifi has a car named Mo.

Mo uses compost as fuel.

Fifi makes compost from old leaves and fruits peel.

So it is good for the environment.

We also have an organic garden and my father makes compost like Fifi.

Compost helps the plants to grow.

I think the oil for the cars makes our Earth dirty and not healthy.

Organic food are healthy food.




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