19 09 2008

My Grandmother's Gold Fish

My grandmother's goldfish

Goldfish is a fish. My grandmother has goldfish. I like to eat goldfish but I don’t eat my grandmother’s goldfish. I only eat my goldfish cracker. A cracker is like a cookie.

Goldfish cracker is very tasty. When I eat goldfish cracker, I say mmmmmmmmmmm… My goldfish cracker is a healthy food because it has real cheese. My mother says my goldfish crackers don’t have trans-fat. My mother teaches me that trans-fat is bad because it can make us sick. It is good because I can read so I can read the box before eating.

It says here that it has no trans-fat.

It says here that it has no trans-fat.

Goldfish has four characters. The characters are Finn, Brooke, Gilbert and Xtreme. They have a website.  The website is Click here to visit the website.

This is Finn

This is Finn

I bookmarked the website so I don’t have to type again. I go to the website because I want to play goldfish arcade.

This is me showing my goldfish cracker

This is me showing my goldfish cracker



7 responses

12 11 2011

I love your little golfish drawing up there. It’s really cute.


17 11 2011

Dear Love,
Thank you. Please visit my blog again 🙂


9 05 2009

Hi little child, how are you? I think you are precious. You are very smart for a five year old. Keep up the jolly good work.


12 05 2009

Dear Kirsten,
Thanks. Please visit my blog again.


7 12 2008
Happy Birthday Fah!!! « Aiman Amani’s Weblog

[…] packet of Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers (refer to ‘Goldfish – Ali’s blog’) which was given by Ahmad Ali. It is Anisah’s favourite crackers… infact it is our […]


27 09 2008

Dear Uncle Azahar,
I know that gold fish is a fish.
But I don’t know silver fish is an insect.
I just know gold fish.


26 09 2008
Azahar idris

Do you know the difference between a gold fish and a silver fish?

A gold fish is a fish, but a silver fish is an insect. In Malay it is called bubuk


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