9 09 2008

Pizza is a food. I like to eat pizza. I like the beef peperoni, cheese, pineapple, tomato and olive on the pizza.

When I eat pizza I say mmmm… I like to eat Domino’s pizza. I like Avanti pizza too. I eat Avanti pizza at the Avanti Ristorante in Sunway Resort Hotel.

I like to eat at Avanti Ristorante because I can draw on the table. They put paper on the table and gives crayons.

Pizza comes from Italy because pizza is an Italian food. Avanti is an Italian Restaurant.

Yummy pizza at Avanti Ristorante

Yummy pizza at Avanti Ristorante



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5 04 2011
Birthdays in March – mum’s and mine « Aiman Amani’s Weblog

[…] night,we had pizzas from Domino’s Pizza for our dinner. Everyone love Domino’s Pizza and we celebrated most of our birthdays with them. It was only last month when we had pizza for my […]


18 03 2011

I can eat pizza the whole meal or even the whole month:)…..i dont like anything but pizza,pizza,pizza!!!


18 03 2011

Dear Cams,
I love pizza too 🙂
Please visit my blog again.


20 12 2010

I love pizza too. My faorite topping is extra cheese. My favorite pizza places to eat are Dominoes and CiCi’s Pizza.


21 12 2010

Dear mk111,
I like Domino’s Pizza too.


19 09 2008

Dear Aunty Emy,

I like pizza too but I can’t eat that much.


19 09 2008

On some hungry days I could very well finish three to four slices of Pizza. I am a great eater…yes I am.


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