Keropok Lekor

Keropok lekor is a food.

It is a healthy food.

Keropok lekor don’t have trans-fat.

They use fish to make keropok lekor.

I like to eat keropok lekor.

Yesterday I ate keropok lekor.

They are so tasty.

We bought them at Tanjong.

I watched a woman making keropok lekor.

I also went to another keropok lekor place in Bukit Tok Beng.

There they use machine to make keropok lekor.

But the seller was very rude.

Do you like keropok lekor?

The Bedil

This morning at 5:25 am, I watched the bedil at my

nenek’s house in Kuala Terengganu. The bedil sound is

boooooommmm and after  the fire works came out it

sounds tssssssssssssssss. The fire works was beautiful.

I can hear the bedil 3 times a day. 1st and 2nd for imsak

and 3rd for iftar to break our fast. Bedil is a huge fire

works. It is not dangerous because they use a timer to

fire the bedil. My dad said that long time ago they used a

cannon. Cannon is dangerous.


In Kuala Lumpur there is no bedil. We waited for

Maghrib azan on TV to break our fast. Just now I saw a

little house where they keep the bedil to be fired. The

house is on a hill.The hill is named Bukit Pak Apil. Do

you know what is bedil? Have you seen it?

Things I saw on the way to Terengganu

On the way to Terengganu I saw a lot of things.

My big sister Kaman took a lot of pictures.

I saw an old house. It is beautiful.

  • An house house near Chukai, Kemaman

    An house house near Chukai, Kemaman

    I saw huge oil tanks in Kerteh. They keep oil in the oil tanks.

I saw fire at the Petronas Complex in Kerteh.Fire burning at Petronas Complex

I saw a big Petronas sign board.

Petronas sign board

I saw Malaysian flags and Terengganu flags too.

I saw triangle trees.

I saw rivers. They are long.

I saw coconut trees. Some are big and some are small.

I saw a big young coconut by the road.

My big sister Kaman also took a picture of my big sister Kafah.


Ribena is a drink.

It is made from black currant.

Ribena has lots of vitamin C.

Ribena is a healthy drink.

It has no articial colouring.

The red colour comes only from the black currant.

I drink Ribena everyday.

I like to drink Ribena because it is very tasty.

There is another healthy drink named Roselle which tasted like Ribena.

We always make our own Roselle juice at home.


Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a fruit.

Dragon fruit is not a dragon.

But it looks like a dragon.

I like to eat dragon fruit.

They tasted so sweet.

When I eat dragon fruit, I say mmmmmmmmmm…

I went to a dragon fruit orchard in Lumut, Perak.

I saw a lot of dragon fruit trees.

They looked like cactus.

I have a dragon fruit tree in my garden but it is still small.

When it grows big, there will be flower on the tree.

The flower will change to a fruitDRAGON FRUIT!

Dragon fruit orchard near Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort Lumut, Perak
Dragon fruit orchard near Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort Lumut, Perak

Do not play Fire Crackers

Some people like to play fire-cracker but fire-cracker is bad.

1. Wasting money because we have to buy fire-cracker.

2. If the fire-cracker explode and

A. Hit a building – it can burn the building.

B. Hit their hand – they can lose their hand or finger.

C. Hit their eyes – they can be blind.

D. Hit their clothes – it will burn and hurt their body.

3. Fire-crackers are noisy. People cannot pray, read the Quran or sleep.

4. Allah does not like fire-cracker.

5. I don’t play fire-crackers because I am a good boy.

Fire carckers are bad
Fire carckers are bad

Ali and Jolly

My friend Jolly
My friend Jolly with his own phone to call my Phony

Jolly is my friend but Jolly is not my real friend. Jolly is my imaginary friend. I only imagine Jolly as my friend.

Jolly likes to play with my mobile phone. My mobile phone is a real mobile phone but it is actually a broken mobile phone. I call my broken mobile phone Phoney.

Jolly is a good boy. Jolly likes me and I like Jolly too.

The End