NaPoWriMo Poem #24: The Bottle and The Ball

24 04 2014

A bottle fell down,
From a little brown shelf,
The bottle looked around,
And picked up itself.

The bottle saw a ball,
And it said, “Hello”,
The ball gave the bottle,
A beautiful pink mallow.

And the bottle said,
“Thank you, ball”,
And it gave the ball,
A cute little doll.Bottle and Ball

Photos: First Half Of 20th Century Cool Inventions

24 04 2014
A tripmaster, which had an automatic rolling map on the dashboard with identifying marks, like bridges, crossings and levels, circa 1930s. (Mary Evans Picture Library/CATERS NEWS)

A tripmaster, which had an automatic rolling map on the dashboard with identifying marks, like bridges, crossings and levels, circa 1930s. (Mary Evans Picture Library/CATERS NEWS)

There are lots of cool inventions in the first half of the 20th century.

Electrically heated vest, portable radio hat and lots of other cool things.

There’s even an early version of a car GPS unit.

Just that it doesn’t use satellite.

Now why not we take a look at some of the inventions…

(Please click the photo for a larger image)

NaPoWriMo Poem #23: Poor Little Bear

23 04 2014

  :bear: :bear: :bear:

Poor little bear,
Sitting in the sun,
His friends ran away,
And so left none.

He looked to his right,
He saw a black cat,
That made him wonder,
“Is that a bat?”

He heard some noises,
But he saw no one,
And then came his friends,
With plates of hot buns.

  :bear: :bear: :bear:

Fred, The Lonely Scarecrow – A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

23 04 2014

A tall scarecrow named Fred, was standing in the middle of a corn field.

He felt so lonely one day, after the kind old farmer passed away.

He saw birds in the sky, and he wanted to be friends with the ones who could fly.

But the birds were all scared of Fred, as scarecrows were meant to make them scared.

He could not tell them with words, that he did not want to scare the birds.

He could not even write a note, nor send the birds a Morse Code.

And Fred was very sad, to be the one that made others scared.

The lonely, sad

Fred, the sad and lonely scarecrow by Ahmad Ali Karim.

NaPoWriMo Poem #22: Little Brown Box

22 04 2014

Today is day 22 of NaPoWriMo and today, NaPoWriMo challenges us to write a poem for children. So, here is my poem:

Cute little brown box,
Sitting upside down,
Poor little box,
It made me frown,

Comes Little Jenny,
She put it upright,
Now the little box,
Smiles with delight.

Thank you little Jen,
For cheering me up,
Here’s a candy,
And a bottle of syrup.


Lim Guan Eng: DAP Says No To Hudud

22 04 2014

DAP’s Lim Guan Eng said that hudud can’t be implemented without consensus.

That was his respond to the Kelantan MB’s statement, saying that PAS will implement hudud laws in Kelantan.

The Star reported that:

The issue of Pakatan supporting hudud, he said, did not arise as DAP was against the implementation of the Islamic law.

He also said, “Pakatan’s position has not changed because DAP’s position in opposing the implementation of the hudud has not changed.” 

Lim pointed out that the opposition pact’s common policy platform and its 2013 General Election manifesto did not mention the implementation of hudud.

He added that neither did it make any mention of the setting up of an Islamic state.

This, he said, had been agreed to by PAS, DAP and PKR – STAR.

Opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) leaders especially its deputy president, Mohamad Sabu always says that DAP’s Lim Guan Eng understands Islam better than UMNO’s Muslims leaders.

So what will PAS’s leaders say when LIm Guan Eng speak out his stand on the hudud issue?

Are they going to blame it on UMNO as another UMNO’s conspiracy?

NaPoWriMo Poem #21: A Silly Poem

21 04 2014

I have a good friend,
Who has a silly hat,
He loves doing silly things,
Like dancing with his cat.

My friend is very funny,
He’s funnier than the clowns,
But sometimes he’s weird,
Thinking his silly hat is a crown.

He thinks that cats are cute,
And he love other animals too,
He has a very good heart,
He loves to help, no matter who.

      =^-^=   =^-^=   =^-^=   =^-^=   =^-^=   =^-^=   =^-^=


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